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Welcome to Om Center for Spiritual Living

The Global Vision: Be Free From Discord

Teri Wilder Gong Meditation,  
This Thursday  (June 2nd) at 7PM $20.00

Bring a yoga mat & Pillow for comfort.   Chairs will also be available. 
METAPHYSICAL CONNECTION will return the June 8th as normal,  with Diahna Leon.  6:30PM  $15.00 
New Items @ Consciousness Corner Bookstore

We just received a NEW shipment of Metaphysical items at the bookstore... come check it out... Meet Maveh & Judi as they continue to expand our selection with a smile!   Additionally, for the next two months we will continue to re-invest all the profits back into the store so we can have lots of educational and inspirational items to offer our community  If you have ideas you want to share,  see Maveh or Judi.

 Friday Evening  Meditation,  June 9th
NOTE:  2nd & 4th Fridays of the Month

Mark Your Calendar  
Summer Concert with Karl Anthony

Plus,   Comedian  Kristin Halvin   

July 16th at 7PM
 go on
Sale June 13th  $20 Advance, $25 at the door




For your Continued Support!

Rev. Suzette Wehunt

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Mission and Purpose at Om
Om Center for Spiritual Living teaches us that we are individual centers of God Consciousness. We come from a place of Love,  in an atmosphere of Learning, to encourage all to absolutely know everyone can create and have a better life. 

 Fundraiser - LIVE AUCTION - Will be launched Mid June to support the Concert - There are over 50 items to choose from at all price ranges.      The Winners will be announced at the Concert!

Thought for the Week

The freedom to choose is a blessed gift. Use it! Be patient learning to use it more elegantly & gracefully. It is a unique gift to us human beings living in the world of duality: which means we have the freedom & ability to make choices. KISS: Keep It Simple SWEETHEART! Practice our wonderful principles UNTIL you demonstrate your best life. Keep letting go of what appears to be in the way INSIDE of you! . Never stop! You don’t know what blessing is right around the corner.


Join us in affirming this week:

I AM free from any and all discord as I turn to the Divine Harmony already & always within.”


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Rev. Suzette Wehunt .  7232 University Ave  La Mesa,  CA 91942  858.213.7061