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Welcome to Om Center for Spiritual Living

The Global Vision: Spiritual Guidance and Personal Responsibility

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Calendar of Events
Monday NIght Classes


Self Mastery Class Begins!
6:30 - 9:30,  8 week class
Self Mastery is about Learning Who You are... understand how the small self gets in the way and  how the TRUE Self can master a greater outcome.  Join us for an adventure into feeling ,  emotions,  how we respond or react,  and ultimately take full control and responsibility for the Greater Self that wants to be expressed.  Class cost is $225.00,  includes workbook.  $50.00 Discount will apply if paid within the first 2 weeks.  All are welcome.  Facilitator is Rev. Suzette Wehunt.  Next week the class is still open,  then it will close until the next class.
Tuesday Evenings 
Master Mind Evening Program

Continues; Walk In's Welcome ... 6:30  $20 per session

Wednesday Evenings
 A short, intense, fun and often crazy evening where the facilitator assists the participants to "clear" a specific area of their life (e.g. money, sex, relationship, etc.) using the amazing Access tools.   If you feel that any area of your life is stuck, this is a great class to get clear!  Cost per Session $25.00  This is the Last week to take advantage of this incredible program.

Thursday Evenings

Creating Inner Peace And Happiness Every Week
with Diahna Leon, Spiritual Teacher 
6:30 pm

Calling All Moms! 
Are you a Mom who has no time for herself and is overwhelmed by stress?
Would like to feel calm and supported so you can enjoy being a mother more?

If so, you need a
 This is an evening to gather in community with other moms to share food, stories, meditation and relaxation so you can unwind and re-create yourself. You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed, ready to face anything that comes your way; you will enjoy your children and your life more.

When:  Friday Night 6-9 April 29th
Where: Om Center for Spiritual Living
7232 University Ave, La Mesa CA
Cost:  $75.00
Child Care Available  $15.00 First Child & $10 for additional siblings
RSVP Contact:  Mary Lawrence Hard 760-695-7546

For your Continued Support!

Rev. Suzette Wehunt

Mission and Purpose at Om
Om Center for Spiritual Living teaches us that we are individual centers of God Consciousness. We come from a place of Love,  in an atmosphere of Learning, to encourage all to absolutely know everyone can create and have a better life.  

Sunday Program

"Freddie Webber Joins Om This Sunday"


“LOSING YOUR MIND TO HEAL THE WORLD” is a new Workshop with Music, by Freddie Weber, based on her spiritual work with Eckhart Tolle and “The Power of Now,” Marianne Williamson and “A Course In Miracles,” “The Infinite Way” by Joel Goldsmith and Adyashanti. 

From BROADWAY AWARD-WINNING PERFORMER —- to traveling Spiritual Teacher, Ms. Weber tells and sings about her own spiritual journey for the last 30 years —from the “non-stop chattering” world of the mind —- to at last being able to hear and live by the “still small Voice” inside. 

“What a liberation to realize that the thoughts in my head are not who I am. Who am I then? The awareness prior to thought, the space in which the thought —- or the emotion —- happens.”) Elkhart Tolle

Workshop after the service includes:
MEDITATION: Exercises to become more aware of thoughts and especially the ‘space’ underneath. FEELINGS: Allowing suppressed feelings to come up that are blocking the ability to even hear the “still small Voice” inside. ACTION: And now what do you actually DO with all that? How do you findyour real purpose here on earth? What is “Thy will be done, not my will?"


I had never seen our audience so delighted and so wonderfully entertained. To say she is a delight is an understatement.” (Rev. Joseph Byrne - Unity Church of Corpus Christi, TX)

“Freddie Weber’s presentation was absolutely stunning! Our members and friends were totally SPELLBOUND!” (Unity Temple New Orleans )

Om Center for Spiritual Living is an inclusive spiritual community welcoming all people of all ages and faiths.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here. Join us on Sunday at 10:30, to explore how you can BE an active part of this message and discover your own truth ...
    Meditation Program at 9:45
    Sunday Service at 10:30
Church Meeting 12:30

Live Sunday Streaming of our Service
starts at 10:50 AM


“It is necessary that Life clothe Itself in form, else It would remain unexpressed.  Creation is a  result of the self ­knowingness of the creative Spirit.  Consciousness clothes itself in form in the individual life as well as in the universal.”  (E.H. How To Use The Science Of Mind, 1948, p. 83.2)

Join us in affirming this week:

“I create my experience of Life through the power of my Word and through my own self-knowingness. Today I choose to use my powerful mind to create a life that is filled with Love, Light and laughter.”


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Rev. Suzette Wehunt .  7232 University Ave  La Mesa,  CA 91942  858.213.7061